About Us

Welcome to AddzUp!

We are here with a strong purpose of enhancing knowledge, efficiency,
and career aspiration of students by helping them unlock their potential.
We facilitate students’ growth by offering programs which provide
industry oriented skills, qualifications & certifications. Our initiatives are
driven through robust & sustainable partnerships with colleges and
institutions of higher learning.

Addzup prides itself as one of the top learning platforms that sprouted
from the passion and zeal to significantly improve the employment
potential of graduates & post graduates. Our efforts are aimed at adding
sheen to the professional credentials of the participants, enabling them
move ahead on their career graph.

We have maintained our distinctiveness by developing a curriculum that
is dynamic, and in sync with emerging challenges of the corporate world.
Certifications through specially curated courses instill domain expertise
and confidence to navigate the fast changing corporate landscape, and
keep the learners always a step ahead.

Our digitized placement solutions shrink the recruitment process
making it friendly and effective.

About us