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Welcome to AddzUp!

The last few years have witnessed significant changes in the business world characterized by the emergence of new ideas and innovations, leading to the creation of a plethora of new professions. The company Educesta, a pioneer in the education space, was founded in the year 2011 with a vision to enable students to make the most of these opportunities.

However, students continued to face another challenge: Inability to plan their career in tune with their personal ambition. The learning venture, Addzup, was launched to overcome this pain point, allowing them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Addzup aims to bridge the gap between the knowledge imparted through the conventional education system and the practical skills demanded by industry. Towards this end, we offer skill-based practical training through courses that are developed and curated in collaboration with senior industry professionals and trainers.

We partner with traditional educational institutions: we offer lessons on industry practice, perfectly complementing the theoretical knowledge they provide.Together, we create synergistic outcomes for students and help foster an environment conducive for overall personality enhancement.

We enable students to make career decisions, understand industry expectations and comprehend real world issues. We encourage students to go beyond stereotypical world views, move out of the herd mentality and see the world through the lens of endless possibilities. With this newly developed mindset, students become willing to explore various options based on their inclination and interest.

We offer a range of value-added courses across the spectrum including Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management. Each course is designed meticulously by professionals with considerable experience and expertise, and delivered by industry experts. The objective is to prepare students to don the professional mantle and facilitate their smooth transition to the corporate world.

About us