Addzup Junior

Addzup Junior

Addzup Junior is an entrepreneurial education programme for Middle and High School students. The programme is a blend of classroom and practical-based learning within the ambit of the Primary School Curriculum.

This integrated programme covers a wide range of subjects including Finance, Marketing, Human resource and Entrepreneurship and enables students to hone various subject and soft skills ranging from technology and research to communication and collaboration.

We follow a Student-Centric “Constructivist Approach” to teaching and learning, where students adopt learning by doing through group and individual activity, role play, simulations, discussion, projects and debates. Our Formative and Summative assessment system enables continuous improvement and development of the student.


We believe that imparting financial education to students when they are at an impressionable age inculcates sound financial habits for life. Our Finance Module familiarises students with the basics of finance viz. income, saving and spending, and budgeting, followed by an introduction to the concepts of banking, interest, loans, taxes, investment and insurance.


Today, marketing and advertising are a pervasive presence in the lives of consumers, including children. Addzup Junior’s Marketing module introduces students to the 4Ps of Marketing: product, price, place, promotion. We then go on to introduce new age marketing concepts such as e-retailing and social media.


In the HR module, we acquaint school students with the significance of Human Resources in an organisation, focusing on the main HR functions of recruitment, selection, training, and the role of incentives and rewards.


Our Finance, Marketing and HR modules are ultimately meant to open up the minds of students to the joy of entrepreneurship at a time in their lives when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities. We familiarize them with the concept of starting up and organise sessions with entrepreneurs, giving them practical insights into establishing and running a business.